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About Troop 9

Introduction - We have an active program run by the youth, but with much support from the adults. 

We have a boys troop and girls troop.  

Within each troop, the Scouts organized their own patrols, with elected patrol leaders and a senior patrol leader. Each troop goes camping, hiking, canoeing, or caving more or less once a month, 12 months a year. Our program is active year round!


 Scoutmasters -

Scoutmaster (boys) Kurt Schlebecker
The scoutmaster of the boys troop is Kurt Schlebecker. He can be reached by phone at (317)440-8075 or by e-mail at scoutmaster@troop9bsa.org.

Scoutmaster (girls) Jennifer Moran
The scoutmaster of the girls troop is Jennifer Moran.  She can be reached by phone at 317-476-5835 or by e-mail at scoutmaster@troop9bsa.org.


Troop 9 - Uniform

Uniform - The official "class A" uniform consists of a scout shirt belt, and pants of course. Troop 9 does not wear neckerchiefs. The headgear is optional as well, but when it is worn, the hat needs to be a "Scouting" hat. The preferred hat is the official baseball style hat.

Dues - Dues are collected on a regular basis, with the idea that this promotes responsibility in the youth.  Dues pay for things like awards and other miscellaneous expenses.

 Parent's Guide -  The Troop Committee created the Troop 9 Parent's Guide to help parents understand what Troop 9 is all about.   It goes into much more detail then the web site.  So, take a look by CLICKING HERE to download the guide.

Fund Raising - Troop 9 sells Christmas Trees.  Half of the money raised goes to the troop, and half to the boys.  This money can go toward camp fees or even equipment or uniforms at the scout shop.