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Summer Camp

Troop 9 Boys Summer Camp 2019 - Ransburg
Summer Camp 2020

 When:  We are going to summer camp from Sunday June 21st to Saturday June 27th, 2020 

Where: We are going to D-Bar-A Scout Ranch  near Metamora MI.   We are staying in Shady Oaks.

What can you do: D-Bar-A Scout Ranch is celebrating it's 70th Anniversary and is top camp in Michigan.  

How Much for a Scout: 

  Youth Adult
 CAC Scout Fee $330 $160
 Troop Discount -25 
 Total $305 $160

$50 is due February 3, 2020.

$50 is due before March 3, 2020.

An Additional $115 is due before April 5th, 2020.  

The Final $90 is due before May 3rd, 2020.

There is a late fee if this payment schedule is not met.

Webelo scout cross over's will qualify for the early rate discount until mid May.

If your Scout sold popcorn or Christmas trees, he may have a credit in his account and that can be applied toward summer camp.  Contact the Troop 9 Treasurer at treasurer@troop9bsa.org .

Each adult is $160 and that money is due by May 3rd, 2020. 

 $$$$$ You can Pay Online by Clicking here. $$$$

Firecrafter:  Firecrafter is a program only offered at Summer Camp.  It is designed to recognize and develop Scout, Wood Craft, and Leadership skills.  The three ranks are Camper, Woodman, and Firecrafter.  Troop 9 will give scouts the opportunity to earns these ranks and become members of Firecrafter at Summer Camp. 

Medical Forms:  For some reason the people at summer camp want to make sure we aren't going to lose anybody and they want a medical form for each person.   Medical forms must be complete by the time we leave for summer camp with parts A, B, and C completed. Part C must be completed by a Doctor.  Click Here for Medical Forms.

Camping Guide: The camping guide is not available yet.

Financial Help:  We realize this is a lot of money for some families.  The Troop can offer financial assistance.  YOU HAVE TO ASK!!  Please Please talk to the Scoutmaster; make a $50 deposit before March 3rd, 2020.   

If you have a Scout that wants to go to summer camp but you don’t think you can afford this, please come talk to our Scout Masters (scoutmaster@troop9bsa.org.  To be eligible for financial help you must contact the Scout Master and make a deposit.  Don't miss summer camp because you did not ask for help!!!

Past Summer Camps

Here are a few of the Summer Camps we have attended in the recent past:

  • 2019 - Camp Ransburg, Bloomington, IN, Upper Squirrel's Den
  • 2018 - Camp Crooked Creek, Shepherdsville, KY, Campsite #8
  • 2017 - Camp Krietenstein, Center Point Indiana, Woodsman Campsite
  • 2016 - Camp Krietenstein, Center Point Indiana, Hillside Campsite
  • 2015 - Camp Buffalo, Monticello Indiana, Shadysides Campsite
  • 2014 - Camp Ransburg, Bloomington IN, Squirrel's Den Campsite
  • 2013 - Camp Hugh Taylor Birch, Yellow Springs OH, Lower Wyandot Campsite
  • 2012 - Camp Ransburg, Bloomington IN, Squirrel's Den Campsite
  • 2011 -  Boxwell Scout Reservation, Camp Stahlman, Lebanon TN, Site 9
  • 2010 - Camp Ransburg, Bloomington IN, Squirrel's Den Campsite
  • 2009 - Camp Friedlander, Cincinnati OH, Campsite #18, Eagle
  • 2008 - Camp Ransburg, Bloomington IN, Hickory Ridge Campsite
  • 2007 - Camp Crooked Creek, Shepherdsville, KY, Campsite #8
  • 2006 - Camp Ransburg, Bloomington IN, Spring Hill Campsite
  • 2005 - Camp Chief Little Turtle, Angola IN
  • 2004 - Ransburg, Bloomington IN
  • 2003 - Friedlander, Cincinnati OH
  • 2002 - Ransburg, Bloomington IN
Water Skiing at Ransburg

If you have any questions or comments send them to webmaster@troop9bsa.org.

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